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State Designer Selection Board Forms

Vendor Forms

Date of Approval and/or Revision

    Affidavit of Non-collusion
    Affirmative Action Data Page
    Equal Pay Certificate     New August 2014
    Certification Regarding Lobbying    
    Finalist Interviews Information Sheet  Board Approved 7/17/2012
    Organizational Conflict of Interest Form New 5/10/2011
    Proposal Transmittal Form Revised 6/05/2012
    Resident Vendor Form New 10/30/2014
    Targeted Group Subcontracting Form New 5/5/2011/Revised 4/29/2014
    Veteran Preference Form Revised August 2014

Internal State Agency, MnSCU and U of M Forms

    SDSB Certification Form  Last revision: 03/20/2015
    SDSB PIF - Excel Last revision date: 03/20/2015
    RFP Template Adopted on 6/9/2015; Last Revision:03/20/2015