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Manuals, Guidelines and Forms

A listing of construction manuals, guidelines and forms is below. If cannot find the resource you need, please contact us.


The Designer Procedures Manual is provided for those who work with the Department of Administration to advise, study, lead or observe the planning, design and construction of projects for which the Department of Administration is responsible. Public works administration imposes considerations and procedures wholly unlike those of private owners.  As a guide, this manual serves as the foundation for quality assurance.  Consultant designers are responsible for the information contained in this Manual per their contract with the State; others, including state agencies and facilities, contractors, and potential consultants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the outlined practices.


Forms available for Consultants and Construction Contract as well as State Agencies.  Click here to access these resources.


Solicitation and Announcements

For any questions or additional information about Construction Services please contact:  Gordon Christofferson at 651.201.2380 or email
For any additional information about the Master Roster program please contact:  RECS Contracting at 651.201.2550 or email 

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