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High Profile Projects

Information about some of high-profile construction projects managed by the Department of Administration (Admin) is posted on this page. 

Minnesota State Capitol Restoration

Admin is the project owner managing Minnesota's historic Capitol Restoration project. More information is available on a separate project website. Visit for more. 

New State Veterans Cemetery in Preston

This is one of three new cemeteries being planned in the southeast, northeast, and southwest parts of the state. The others will be located in Duluth and Redwood Falls. Basic details about the Preston Cemetery are summarized below. 

  • About the site: Fillmore County donated about 167 acres of land for the cemetery, which has capacity for 3,635 burials and future expansion potential up to 35,400 burials.
  • Architect/Engineer: Bonestroo
  • Contractor: Olympic Builders
  • Financial Information: Construction costs totaled $8,657,762 (including $413,000 in contingency funds). The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) received $10.4 million in grant funding from the Federal Veterans Administration, and $1.5 million was appropriated at the state level (Laws 2009, Ch. 93, Sec. 14, Subd. 1, amended in 2011). 
  • Project Timeline: Substantial completion was November 11, 2015, with spring site work irrigation and planting remaining. 
  • Additional Documents: 

Buildings 21 and 22 at the Minneapolis Veterans Home

Buildings 21 and 22 are new residential facilities at the Minneapolis Veterans Home. Building 21 replaces the north half of the existing Building 17. Building 22 replaces the south half of the existing Building 17. This project adds a new, skilled nursing facility, related support areas, and connections to existing buildings.

  • About the site: Building 21 provides nursing care and resident housing for 100 veterans. Building 22 includes 100 private residence rooms across 141,800 square feet. 
  • Architect: Nelson-Tremain Partnership, P.A.
  • Construction Manager at Risk: JE Dunn Construction. 
  • Financial Information: Total budget for Building 21 was $34 million, which includes all consulting, design, and construction services. 
  • Project Timeline: Building 21 construction started in February 2014 and was completed in March 2016. For Building 22, Phase One started in Spring 2015. Phase Two started in Spring 2016. Substantial completion is scheduled for December 2017. 
  • Additional Documents: 
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