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Master Contract for Construction Testing and Inspection - T#1002B

Testing and Inspection services to include geotechical, concrete, masonry, structural steel, pavement, window/curtainwall, roofing/waterproofing, fireproofing/firestopping, Phase I and II Archaeological Resources Investigations, and Phase I and II Environmental Investigation and Remediation Sevices. 

Effective Dates: 1/1/2010-12/31/2014 
Maximum obligation under a work order is $150,000 (includes any amendments)

Solicitation Requirements: 

Fees Process
up to $25,000 choose 1 consultant from Master Contract list 
$25,001 to $100,000 Send written RFP to at least three (3) consultants on Master Contract list 
$100,001 to $150,000 Send written RFP to all consultants on Master Contract list 

These Master Contracts are available for use by all state agencies and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. State agencies must identify T# 1002B when entering work orders in SWIFT. 

Dept of Administration (MMD) must sign work orders greater than $100,000. 

  • Geotechnical Services 
  • Concrete Testing and Inspection Services 
  • Masonry Testing and Inspection Services 
  • Structural Steel Testing and Inspection 
  • Pavement Testing and Inspection 
  • Fireproofing / Firestopping Testing and Inspection 
  • Phase I Archaeological Resources Investigation 
  • Phase II Archaeological Resources Investigation 
  • Phase I Environmental Investigation 
  • Phase II Environmental Investigation 
  • Remediation Services 
Vendor Contract Supplemental Agreement #1 Supplement Agreement #2 Supplemental Agreement #3 Proposal
American Engineering Testing, Inc. X X X X X
Braun Intertec, Inc. X X X X X
Carlson McCain, Inc. (previously Carlson Professional Services, Inc.) X X X X X
Chosen Valley Testing, Inc. X X X X X
Construction Engineering Laboratory, Inc. X X X X X
Independent Testing Technologies, Inc. X X X X X
Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc. X X X X X
Northern Technologies, Inc. X X X X X
Professional Service Industries, Inc. X X X X X
Twin Ports Testing, Inc. X X X X X

Questions and Answers: Please contact RECS Contracting at 651-201-2550 or by email if you have questions regarding this program.