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Alternative Transportation

Several programs exist to encourage alternative modes of transport to and from the Capitol Complex. Details on all of these programs are listed in the tabs below. 

Metropass Bus Program

Metropass is a subsidized bus program that allows card holders to get unlimited access to regional buses and trains. You will find general information on the Metropass Program below.

The Metropass Bus Program is available to all state and legislative employees who work in buildings under Admin's custodial control. Employees may participate by obtaining a Metropass Bus Card. Bus card sign-up is administered by Admin Plant Management. A non-transferable picture identification Metropass bus card can be used for unrestricted bus rides on any regional bus route. The card is valid for one year from the program start date and can be used for peak, express and downtown zone fares.


Rates for fiscal year 2014 are listed below (effective August 1, 2010):

  • State employees: $20.77 per bi-weekly pay period

State employees are typically covered through a pre-tax payroll deduction. Non-payroll deduction legislative employees pay $45.00 monthly.


State, federal and legislative employees working in Capitol Complex buildings under Admin's custodial care are eligible. These locations are: 

  • 321 Grove St. (Buildings 1 & 2)
  • 691 North Robert St. 
  • Administration Building
  • Ag/Health Lab

Note: Health employees have their own Metropass program 

  • Andersen Building
  • BCA Building
  • Centennial Office Building
  • Freeman Office Building

Note: Health employees have their own Metropass program 

  • Judicial Center
  • Stassen Building
  • State Capitol
  • State Office Building
  • Transportation Building
  • Veterans Service Building 

Employees in all of the following roles who meet the work location requirements may participate: 

  • Appointed positions
  • Board or commission employees
  • Full-time or part-time employees
  • Interns and student workers
  • Legislative branch employees
  • Permanent, temporary, or seasonal employees

How To Sign Up

Employees must sign up at the Admin Plant Management in Suite G-10 of the Administration Building. Applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and no appointment is necessary. For additional assistance call 651-201-2300. 

Following completion of your application, identification photographs will be taken at that time. A permanent pass will be issued within one month of having your picture taken. You will be contacted when the permanent pass arrives and is ready to be picked up.


To cancel your Metropass card, visit the Admin Plant Management Office at Suite G-10 in the Administration Building. Your Metropass card must be turned in before cancellation can be completed.


Sample Forms

Additional Information

Bike to Work

Are you one of the over three million Minnesotans who enjoy bicycle riding? Have you considered bicycling to work? Bicycling to work can save you money -- spent on gasoline, vehicle maintenance, parking and vehicle insurance. It also provides healthy low impact aerobic exercise and protects our state's air quality. 


Bike racks and lockers are provided to state employees who wish to bike. Racks and lockers are located in the following locations:

  • Administration Building - Bike rack in Admin Ramp, Level B
  • Capitol Building - Bike rack on northeast side of building (by Parking Lot O).
  • Cedar Street Ramp (Andersen Building) - Bike rack and lockers are located inside parking area on east side of building.
  • Centennial Office Building - Bike rack on west (Cedar Street) side of building.
  • Centennial Parking Ramp - Bike lockers in ramp on green and orange levels. 
  • Freeman Building/Ag Health Lab - Bike rack placed between these two buildings. 
  • Judicial Center Garage - Bike rack and lockers are located within the parking ramp and are available only to Judicial Center employees. Access to the ramp is via key card and must be obtained through your work division. 
  • Minnesota History Center - Bike rack on east side of building. 
  • 14th Street Lot - Bike rack in lot. 
  • 14th Street Ramp - Bike lockers in ramp. 
  • State Office Building Parking Ramp - Bike rack and lockers are located within the parking ramp and are available only to State Office Building tenants. Access to the ramp is via key card and must be coordinated through your work division.
  • Transportation Building - Bike rack and lockers are on the west side building (by Parking Lot F). Bike lockers are located on the south side of the building (by Parking Lot G).
  • Veteran Services Building - Bike rack on center courtyard, northwest side. 

For all locations, view the Bicycle Parking Map.

Note: Metro Transit also rents bike lockers in several metro area locations, including both downtown Saint Paul and downtown Minneapolis. Call them for more information at 612-373-3333 or visit their website.


Bike lockers are fully enclosed and secured and can be rented on an annual basis. The annual rate is $50. The advantage to renting on an annual basis is that you are assured of the same locker location for the upcoming bicycling season. 

Getting Started

Call 651-201-2300 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to check on locker availability. If a locker is available, we can either send you an application form or you can pick one up at our office. If nothing is available, your name can be put on a waiting list and you can be contacted once an opening arises.


Other Programs

Car Pool Program 

There are a limited number of preferential car pool parking spaces in Lot X (Sears) serving employees in the Transportation (DOT) Building and State Office Building (SOB). Please contact your human resources office for more information.

Rideshare Matching Services

Ride-matching services are available for van and car pool program participants through a partnership with Metro Transit. For more information, visit their website

Guaranteed Ride Home

Those who ride the bus, bike, carpool or vanpool to work  may register for free, guaranteed ride home service. This is available through a partnership program with Metro Transit. For more information, visit the Guaranteed Ride Home website