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Competitive Grant Opportunities


The Department of Administration has opportunities for competitive grants for FY 2014-15. These competitive grants will be awarded through an application process whereby grants will be awarded to applicants that most closely meet the selection criteria. Information on request for proposal (RFP), grant requirements, selection criteria, timelines and process is now available for Small Theatre Grants. Veteran Memorial Park Grants request for proposal (RFP) information will be available January 2014. The RFP's will be publicized here via the Department of Administration’s website, as well as on the MN Grants website at and the MN Legacy website at

Small Theatre Grants

$75,000 each year is for grants to historic, small town theatres in Minnesota to purchase and install digital projection technology to allow continued access to films. Priority for grants is to theaters that have exclusively 35 millimeter projection systems in communities with few available theaters or to small theaters with only one screen. Priority should be given to projects that have a non-state cash match of at least 65 percent of the total eligible project costs.

Grant Announcement: Grant recipients have been selected for the FY14/15 Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (ACHF) Competitive Small Theatre Grants with the Minnesota Department of Administration. FY14/15 Competitive Small Theatre Grant awards are listed below for each selected recipient: 

  • Canby Theatre, Canby, MN - $24,423.30
  • Morris Theatre Coop., Morris, MN - $27,027.00
  • Rialto Theatre - Aitkin, MN - $47,108.16
  • Total Grant Awards - $98,558.46

Veterans Memorial Parks

$80,000 the first year is for at least four (and/or up to eight) grants to local units of government for veterans memorials in municipal parks to preserve the culture and heritage of Minnesota. The local unit of government must provide a non-state cash match equal to the amount requested for the grant. 

The deadline for application submission for these grants has passed as of March 7, 2014. Information on request for proposal (RFP), grant requirements, selection criteria, timelines and process is no longer available on this web page.