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Consultant Contracts

Form Name Description Type Updated
BSA-DC Basic Services Agreement - Design and Construction PDF REVISED MARCH 27, 2015
BSA-DC Exhibit A Scope of Services MS Word REVISED MARCH 11, 2016
BSA-DC Exhibit B-PMD Fee Schedule for Plant Management Division Projects MS Word REVISED MARCH 8, 2016
BSA-DC Exhibit B Fee Schedule for All Other Agency Projects MS Word REVISED MARCH 8, 2016
BSA-DC Exhibit C Qualifications Proposal MS Word REVISED JANUARY 13, 2016
BSA-DC Exhibit D1 Insurance Requirements PDF REVISED DECEMBER 7, 2012
BSA-DC Exhibit E Affirmative Action Certification MS Word
Exhibit E1 WESA - Equal Pay Certification MS Word
BSA-DC Exhibit F Certification Regarding Lobbying MS Word REVISED FEBRUARY 17, 2016
Exhibit G State's Designer Procedures Manual web page
Exhibit H AIA 201 General Conditions (1997 Edition) as modified by the State PDF
Exhibit I Affidavit of Noncollusion  MS Word REVISED DECEMBER 7, 2012
Exhibit K Consultant Performance Evaluation PDF REVISED OCTOBER 22, 2012
Exhibit L Energy Savings Form PDF
Exhibit M Veteran-Owned Preference  PDF REVISED February 19, 2016
Exhibit N Sample Supplementary Amendments to the Basic Services Agreement when using CM@Risk PDF
Exhibit O Resident Vendor Form PDF
BSA-SF Basic Services Agreement Short form  PDF REVISED MARCH 27, 2015
PTSC   Professional Technical Services Contract (No Design) PDF REVISED MARCH 27, 2015
Annual Plan PDF
Consultant Pay Requests MS Excel FORM REVISED JULY 2014
Rapid Response Work Order MS Word FORM REVISED JULY 2011
Organizational Conflict of Interest Organizational Conflict of Interest form MS Word
Targeted Group Subcontracting Targeted Group Subcontracting form MS Word REVISED MARCH 27, 2014

Construction Contracts

Form Name Description Type Updated
Registration and Tax Identification Form (Prime Contractor - Construction Manager) Document must be completed by Construction Manager before contract award. MS Word
Bid Request Form Use this form to request a bid date from MMD.  This form is also used to request an AIA-A201 from RECS MS Word
Contractor Pay Requests MS Excel FORM REVISED JULY 2014
Contractor Pay Requests - Haz Mat A-189 MS Excel FORM REVISED FEBRUARY 2011
Contractor Supplemental Agreement MS Word FORM REVISED OCTOBER 23, 2012
CM at Risk Supplemental Agreement Form MS Word
Developing Encumberance
IC-134 Forms and  Instructions PDF Instructions on the use this form to submit by mail, link directs to MN Dept of Revenue site.
Jobs Reporting Form and Instructions MS Excel
OMR Special Conditions MS Word Open Market Requisition Special Conditions. 
Prebid Meeting Template MS Word FORM CREATED NOVEMBER 28, 2012
Prebid Meeting Sign-In Sheet MS Word
Preconstruction Meeting MS Word
Signature Block GIF
Signature Block PDF