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Working at the Capitol

Admin's Plant Management team can assist contractors and vendors by ensuring access to project sites and providing project information. See the tabs below for building-related guidelines for contractors and vendors working in Admin-managed state facilities and information about contractor and vendor parking permits.

Job Site Guidelines

All contractors and vendors working on the Capitol Complex are subject to the following building related guidelines. Contractors and vendors not following these guidelines are subject to removal from the job site.

Worker Identification

Contractors and vendors must provide the designated Admin Plant Management representative with a list of worker's names to include first name, middle name, last name and birth date. All contractors and vendors will be required to undergo a background check prior to their start date. Contractors will need to contact the Admin Plant Management representative to verify the security clearance. Once individual's security clearance has been approved they will need to contact Capitol Security at 651-201-6980 and schedule an appointment to receive their security badges. There will be a small charge for acquiring identification badges as well as key access cards. Key access cards will not be provided to all contractors. Contractors and vendors must furnish after-hour telephone numbers where they can be reached in the event of an emergency or problem at the job site.

While new building construction will require background checks, contractors will not be required to display identification badges on the work-site.

Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Contractors and vendors are required to keep a binder at a designated on-site spot at the job site, that includes all Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all products to be used by contractors and vendors at the job site.

This binder shall be available for review at any time or to respond to emergency or other situations as they may arise.

Key Cards

Contractors and vendors must use only key card doors for after-hours entry and exit into the buildings. All other doors are alarmed.

State Telephone Use

Contractors and vendors must use pay phones or personal cell phones.

Mobility Within Building

Contractors and vendors are restricted to their designated work areas and to common public spaces such as cafeterias, lobbies, and rest rooms. If a contractor or vendor or its workers are found in other areas of the facility, they will be removed from the facility and a formal complaint may be registered with Materials Management Division against the contractor or vendor.

Approval of After-hours Work

Admin Plant Management will notify Capitol Security in writing of all approved after-hours work to be performed by contractor and vendors including the names of all workers and the days and times that they will be working.

Contractors and vendors will designate in writing to Admin Plant Management a reliable employee, by name and with a photo identification, to be responsible for identifying and controlling all after-hours work activity.

After hours work cannot commence by the contractor or vendor until Admin Plant Management has notified Capitol Security. Failure of Admin Plant Management to promptly or correctly notify Capitol Security is not the fault of the contractor or vendor and is not grounds for action under the contract.

Opening Doors After-Hours

When working after-hours, contractors and vendors must not unlock or open any exterior doors without prior approval of Capitol Security. All exterior perimeter doors are alarmed. Capitol Security can be reached at 651-296-6741.

Dust and Fire Alarms

Contractors and vendors must notify Capitol Security immediately if their work may set off the fire alarms. Excessive dust and welding projects are likely to cause fire detection systems to go into an alarm condition. Related: More info about cutting, welding and other hot work.

Work Causing Noise, Odor or Affecting Building Tenants

Notification should occur at least 10 days prior to any work of this nature commencing, whenever practicable and feasible, whether scheduled during, before or after normal working hours. This will afford Admin Plant Management time to notify tenants in the affected building. Work of this nature cannot commence until prior notification has been given and Admin Plant Management has approved commencement of the work.

Receiving of Supplies, Parts or Materials

Contractors and vendors must sign for their own supplies, parts or materials. State personnel (including staff of Admin Plant Management and Capitol Security) will not accept deliveries for the contractors and vendors unless prior approval has been received from the designated Admin Plant Management representative to do so. Approval is at the sole discretion of the designated Admin Plant Management representative and will only be given if it is determined by them to be in the best interest of the State and project.

Use of State Property

Contractors and vendors shall not use any state-owned property, including but not limited to hampers, ladders, or carts.

Accounting of New Building Equipment

Upon completion of the project, the Contractor shall complete, and the AE shall submit, a complete list of all new building equipment installed as part of the project. The new equipment shall be typed on the New/Replacement Equipment Form. The form shall be submitted to the Real Estate and Construction Services Project Manager with the Record Drawings and Final Payment Application. If there is no AE assigned to the project, the Contractor shall submit the list directly to the Admin Plant Management Division Project Coordinator.

Note: After-hours work is defined as work occurring after 6:00 p.m. and before 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and State-designated holidays. Normal working hours are defined as after 7:00 a.m. and before 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding any State-designed holidays.

Parking Guidelines

All contractors and vendors working on the Capitol Complex are subject to the following parking facility-related guidelines. Contractors and vendors and their workers not following these rules are considered violators "for cause" and are subject to having their vehicles ticketed, towed, having their personal or company parking privileges in the Capitol Complex suspended or canceled, or being charged with a misdemeanor by Capitol Security.


Pursuant to the awarded construction contract, the primary contractor, vendor, subcontractor or other construction workers must find their own off-street or meter parking or park in visitor parking of a state facility and pay at the pay station.  Current cost for parking is $8 per day.

Job Site Deliveries 

Vehicles delivering supplies, parts or materials may temporarily park at the job site only while their goods or supplies are unloaded. The Contractor or vendor must sign for their own supplies, parts or materials. State personnel may not accept deliveries for contractors and vendors. 

Job Site Tools: Cranes and Similar Equipment 

Vehicles used to conduct work or perform a function at the job site, such as cranes and pumping equipment, are allowed on the job site as a tool for the job.

Note: This exception does not include construction people who work out of their trucks, use their trucks as a supply shop, or for other unidentified, unapproved parking.

Driving and Parking in Designated Work Areas

Contractors and vendors are prohibited from driving on or over sidewalk or grass, unless it is part of their designated staging or work area where they are performing work. Driving and parking is allowed in designated work areas only. Parking on sidewalks is strictly prohibited.

More information about parking can be found on our public parking page