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Minnesota Environmental Congress 2013

March 15, 2013 -- Ramada Inn, Bloomington


What is the Environmental Congress?

  • The Environmental Congress on March 15 will be a working session, where recognized experts and community leaders will:
    • Lead a dialogue to help participants synthesize citizen input gathered at Citizen Forums and online (see Citizen Input below) and...
    • Develop priorities to recommend to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB)
  • These recommendations will help guide the EQB and Dayton Administration to create short-term action steps and set long-term goals for the future.

    Who's Invited?

  • A broad cross section of experts, community leaders, and stakeholders will be asked to participate in the Congress

  • Interested members of the public will be welcome to register as space allows. Registration will open in the first week of March.
  • Representatives from environmental, conservation, and agricultural organizations, chambers of commerce, scientists and other experts, representatives from all levels of government, tribal leaders, as well as leaders from the business, student, and faith communities will be invited to attend.  

Minnesota Environment and Energy Report Card

  • The MN Environment and Energy Report Card 2012 [PDF] provides a baseline for how Minnesota is currently performing in the areas of water, land, air, energy, and climate.
  • In accordance with Executive Order 11-32, this is the first of an annual Report Card. All of the comments received regarding the 2012 Report Card will be carefully considered as the next edition is prepared.

Citizen Input

  • The EQB kicked off the Environmental Congress with Citizen Forums around the state in November and December of 2012, in order to engage Minnesotans in constructive public dialogue about our state’s environmental and economic health.
  • Citizen input gathered through the Environmental Congress Citizen Forums, comment cards, and an online Citizen Forum will be the starting point for the day’s conversations on March 15.


  • On November 16, 2011, Governor Mark Dayton signed Executive Order 11-32, directing the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) to host an Environmental Congress.
  • The EQB brings together the Governor’s Office (as chair), five citizens and the heads of nine state agencies that play a vital role in Minnesota’s environment and development. Learn more here.
  • Minnesota law directs the EQB to host an annual Environmental Congress. Read MN Statute Ch. 116C Sec. 04 to learn more about the statutory role of the EQB.

Why is the Environmental Congress Important?

Quality of Life

Quality of life is directly linked to environmental quality and economic prosperity

  • The strength of our economy, and the future of job growth in Minnesota, depends in part on the people and systems that manage the health of our environment
  • Clean air, clean water, and clean energy are the foundation of healthy, livable, and sustainable communities
  • Minnesotans expect and deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, swim and fish, and open spaces where we can enjoy Minnesota’s treasured natural resources


Better Government for a Better Minnesota

Improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of state government to provide better service for Minnesota citizens, businesses, and communities

  • Improving the quality and efficiency of environmental review and permitting helps spur economic growth and job creation at a time when we need it most
  • This process will help identify new policies to expand clean energy opportunities, clean up our lakes, rivers and streams, and improve air quality in our communities


Your Voice Matters

Each Minnesotan has a shared interest and responsibility to participate in this important conversation; this is our state and our future – every voice matters

  • State leaders and Minnesota’s top environmental experts are listening – we want your input, your ideas, and your help in this effort
  • Implementing new policies is important, but ultimately the future of Minnesota’s environment and economy depends on what Minnesotans do every day to engage in meaningful action and conversation around these issues
  • This is not just a one-time event – responsible stewardship of Minnesota’s unique natural resources is a responsibility we all share

Key Dates

Citizen Forums Statewide Environmental Congress [March 15, 2013]